December 26th 2006

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Sorting out the email has taken longer than anticpated. I will be changing the “info” address to something new very soon.
The site may also be also be down for a few days for service updates.

Best wishes in the New Year!


August 26th 2006

My apologies to anyone who has written in recent weeks – I haven’t been able to access my email from the site due to that same old computer acting up. It will hopefully be sorted out soon.

Not looking forward to weeding thru the 10, 000 junkmail that have likely accumulated in that time…..

June 17th 2006

Well, that took a wee bit longer than planned. (cough)
Like clockwork, the computer crashed again at New Year’s.
Things work now, but still juggling between 3 different machines for different purposes.

Definitely time to update things here..!
There’s a few more cards to post from recent months – more Warlord, plus my first Magic cards in many years. Those will have to wait until the game is released tho!
There’s a shwack of stuff that could go into Sketches & Originals – will have to weed thru it all and decide what is most interesting to share.
A couple of pieces have gone on to new purposes – “Rain Leaves” is being used as a cd cover By Vancouver artists Heidi Krutzen and Lorna McGhee for their upcoming release, “Canada New Works for Flute and Harp” whilst the Marylin portrait, “Champagne” is part of Roger G. Taylor’s book, “Marylin in Art”, which launched June 1st from Pop Art Books in the UK. (Also marking her 80th birthday.)

Currently working on a graphic novel with Jim Ottaviani about mysterious magical acts and the strange behaviour people get up to in order to figure them out. It’s entitled “Levitation” and is marked for a Spring release.
I’ve started around 6 new horse canvases that I hope to share progress with here. Some small, some rather large.
Also at some point we’ll be setting up an option for viewing images in various stages as I have shots from sketch to pencil on thru various layers for most of the paintings.
The priority is getting the Comics section updated to match the rest of the site tho! There are quite a few things that could still go up there, both old and new.

Planning on going to San Diego for Comic Con, July 20th – 23rd. I won’t have a table in Artist’s Alley this year, but will be sitting with Jim O at his G.T Labs table from time to time.

Have got to say, love this time of the year!
The days stretching just a little bit longer until solstice next week.
That and it’s strawberry harvest. : )




Sept 19th 2005

For the second year in a row, my computer crashed in July.
It’s a bit embarressing to admit that it has taken me til now to reinstall Dreamweaver so I could work on the site again…
But, back at it finally!
My apologies to anyone I’ve neglected to get back to in that time.

Two new images up at the moment –

“Severus Snape” in Portraits, and another Friesian to the Horses Gallery.

Snape, in an odd way, is in ode of my cat Kamael, whom I had to have put down at the beginning of August after over 17 years together.
Somehow he was what helped me deal with her loss.
Thank you, J.K Rowling.
(and Alan Rickman, for a wonderful portrayal!)

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

May 27th 2005

Well, the Gaming Gallery is finally updated!
There is still a new index page to include for easier navigation there, but that will be after the Webmistress settles into her new home.
I hope you enjoy the selection of recent projects and cleaned up versions of old images – especially ones like The Magic card “Sacred Nectar” which was hopelessly muddy in the previously scanned version. Now they are finally more true to the original paintings.

Now it’s just the Comic Gallery to go…..

Thank you for visting ~ Please check back for more!


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