Except for a few years in Nova Scotia, I was born and raised in Victoria, B.C. Upon graduating from high school I called Vancouver home for the next 12 years.

I started selling my drawings at age 15, setting up a table outside a used record store called Rockphile in Market Square during the summer.  These were mostly portraits and miscellaneous fantasy originals.
Years of various freelance work followed.  Everything from murals, logos & tattoo designs, window painting, props for tv, cd covers,  photography and decorative painting.

In 1993 I lucked into the first “Tales of the Jedi” story from Dark Horse Comics, stepping through the door into the world of publishing.
This was followed immediately by the polar opposites of elfdom with “Blood of Ten Chiefs” for Elfquest and covers for Drew Hayes’ “Poison Elves”, at the time self-published under Mulehide Graphics.

Around this time my first work in collectable card games began.  First it was Everway & Spherewalker, then Magic the Gathering.  This led to Battletech and a few other gaming projects that never saw the light of day.  The most recent work is for Warhammer, Warlord and Legend of the Five Rings.

Back to comics, a short story for Nat Gertler’s “The Factor” later paved the way to a chapter in Jim Ottoviani’s Eisner-nominated book “Fallout -The Political Science of the Atomic Bomb”. Numerous smaller projects continued throughout this time.

In between commission work, a few series of canvases and a sprawling comic story are also evolving.

If not found at the drafting board or computer, I’m probably in the garden.
Other pastimes include cycling, walking, dance, mochas & napping.

Very fond of blackberry picking.

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